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This compact organizer may be used to hold different daily essentials like pen, mobile phone, Combs, kitchen & bathroom accessory and more. It compose the contemporary design of the storage holder. The style compliments any decor or theme. No tools no drilling needed. Reinforced adhesive traceless tapes are provided. Just stick the traceless tape on, and squeeze air bubbles out by hand. No marks left after removal on glass, ceramic tile, metal and sturdy painted surface. Not recommended on rough, or textured, or easy peeling walls and surface. The boxes are perfect for organizing all your home essentials. Use to store spice packets, tea bags, plastic bags, kitchen gadgets, medications, toiletries, deodorant, craft supplies, books, office tools, and more. Ideal for use in kitchen, pantry, cabinets, bathroom, bedroom, office, mudroom and craft room.
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