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This garment rack is designed with 2 extended rods at both end of the rack, the width of the clothes rack is easily adjustable. Benefit by the detachable structure. This clothing rack is rectangular structure which has high load-bearing and stability. It has 4 convenient universal rolling-rack wheels, and can be 360 degrees freely rotated, which enables you move this rack effortlessly no matter where you want to place it. The multi-functional floor-standing top rack is for hanging clothes, the lower shelf you can put shoes on it, and the upper shelf can simply storage clothes and stuffs. Adjustable foot pads, by adjusting the height of the foot pads, it can cope with uneven ground and make the hanger more stable and stable. Simple and practical for indoor use. They are sturdy, fairly to store your organizers, mini suitcases, bags, hats, clothes and etc. Assembled without any tools enable you get it organized fast.
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