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This gathering box is foldable and easy to move so you can fold or unfold freely and save space when not in use. This desk pot is not only a good stationary holder , but also a dressing case. This brush barrel is divided into different spacer-layers and you can put school,office and cosmetic applicators in various size. It helps to sort out without effort and make full use of space. You can also carry it to other place without effort.  Minimizes space usage and keep the stuff you need at hand, better planning and utilization of your desk organizer space. This desk organizer is not only perfect for storing your desktop stationery such as pen, pencil, marker, paper clip, note, ruler, eraser, scissors, letter openers and many other desk widgets, but also great for storing your makeup brushes, nail polishes, lipsticks and other small personal items, You can use it to organize any other daily necessities. 
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